Asil Civata produces fasteners such as bolts, nuts, washers and anchors. In 2003, It started to produce hot-dip galvanized fasteners and directed all Of its investment and energy to this sector. It serves its customers all over the world with high production capacity and product variety. It carries out the heat treatment process needed for the products in its heat treatment furnaces. The hot dip galvanizing facility was designed to coat fasteners up to 2 meters without the need for a second process. Coating types such as hot dip galvanization, electro galvanization and black oxide coating are offered in all of its products. It carries out the assembly process of all kinds of Bolts, nuts and washers according to customer demand.


Asil Civata produces fasteners for use in open areas such as energy transmission lines, roadside barriers, telecommunication poles, and solar energy panels. It uses hot and cold forging methods in production of bolts  and nuts.

Hot dip galvanized and SB marked fasteners are the main product of our portfolio. Besides, coating types such as electro galvanization, black oxide coating and zinc flake coating are offered in all of its products.


Most of its products are produced for export to more than 40 countries on 4 continents, especially to Europe.

Its foreign trade team works hard to meet the demands of its customers.


As Asil Civata, we believe that production in accordance with international norms requires a strong laboratory infrastructure. With this belief, we rapidly continue our investments in equipment and quality personnel. Our CE certified production process provides traceability with our quality control mechanism from raw material to packaging, including our HDG furnace. We serve our customers with our fully equipped laboratory and experienced staff and we tend to continue this.