Energy Transmission Towers

Energy Transmission Tower is a tall structure, usually, a steel lattice tower, used to support an overhead power line. Fasteners used in this sector should be produced precisely according to standards and should be coated with hot dip galvanization to save fasteners from corrosion as these towers will be positioned in open areas.

The Energy Transmission line Tower sector is by far the most important sector for Asil Bolt. Asil started all its investments in the fasteners for this sector and then move on to add products for other sectors as it grows.

Asil Bolt keeps stocks of fasteners such as DIN 7990, DIN 931, DIN 934, DIN 555, DIN 125 and DIN 127, which are the largest consumptions of this sector, in different qualities in the range from M8 to M52. It also manufactures anti-vandal bolt and nut sets, which are obligatory to be used in power transmission lines in some countries. Asil Civata coats all these products in its own hot-dip galvanizing facility.