Steel Structures

The steel structures sector includes the design, fabrication, and construction of steel-framed buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure projects. Steel is a popular material for construction due to its strength, durability, and versatility, and bolts are a critical component in the construction of steel structures. Bolts are used to join together the various steel components, including beams, columns, and trusses, and ensure the overall stability and safety of the structure. The bolts used in the steel structures sector are typically high-strength, structural Bolts namely SB (EN 15048) and HV (EN 14399). Different types of bolts may be used depending on the specific requirements of the project, such as size, shape, and material composition.

Asil Bolt has EN 15048 certificate necessary for producing SB Bolts. Continuing its investments, Asil Civata will soon obtain the EN 14399 certificate and introduce 10.9 HV bolts to its customers.