Asil Civata has registered the necessary qualification certificates for the products it produces according to the quality understanding it has adopted.


As Asil Civata, we believe that production in accordance with international norms requires a strong laboratory infrastructure. With this belief, we rapidly continue our investments in equipment and quality personnel. Our CE certified production process provides traceability with our quality control mechanism from raw material to packaging, including our HDG furnace. We serve our customers with our fully equipped laboratory and experienced staff and we tend to continue this.
Universal Tensile Test Machine - ALŞA 40 Tons
Charpy Impact Test Machine - Zwick Roell 300 Joule
Sample Preparation Station - Kivrak
Optical Spectrometer - Spectro AMETEK
Hardness Test Machine - Mitutoyo
Hardness Test Machine - AFFRI
Digital Microscope
Wet Grinding Machine - MetSPre
Sample Refrigerator - Mitech NDT
Coating Thickness Gauge
Profile Projector
Torque Measuring Instruments