Asil Civata, produces fasteners such as bolts, nuts, washers and anchors. It serves its customers all over the world with high production capacity and product variety. It carries out the heat treatment process needed for the products in its heat treatment furnaces. The hot dip galvanizing facility was designed to coat fasteners up to 2 meters without the need for a second process. Coating types such as hot dip galvanization, electro galvanization and black oxide coating are offered in all of its products. It carries out the assembly process of all kinds of nuts and washers according to customer demand. Asil Civata is the manufacturer almost all the products it sells. Thus, it can offer to its customers low prices and requested packaging such as boxes and sacks.
our vısıon
To offer fast and high-quality solutions to all needs of our customers in our sector with our dynamic and corporate understanding, advanced technological infrastructure and value-creating human resources.
our mıssıon
Keeps customer satisfaction at the forefront. Aims to serve a widespread customer network with a wide range of products. Should be sustainable by adopting high-level technology, sensitive to nature and people, in accordance with all legislation and standards, determined. Aims to develop long-term relations with all its stakeholders by implementing a cost-effective and reasonable profit rate policy. Supports the country’s economy with employment, investment and export.

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Management Team

Muzaffer Özeskici
Ömer Özeskici
Vice Chairman
Selim Özata
Sales Manager
İlhami Özata
Foreign Trade Manager